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‘Your Building Inspector provides expert building advice for our clients to help mitigate risk when buying or building property.’


Who Are We


Your Building Inspector was established by Christopher Nield in 2018 on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast. Chris holds a degree in Construction Management and over 20 years of experience as a commercial project manager, development manager and builder in his own right. The business was set up to provide expert consulting advice to for clients who were building new homes or purchasing existing homes. Chris recognised that there was a need to provide unbiased, professional, and quality building advice. 


Since our inception, the company now operates throughout Australia and has completed thousands of building reports for our clients.  Much of our work is derived from referrals from existing clients, which is a testament to the service we provide.


Our Policy


We have a clear policy that only qualified builders will undertake inspections for our clients.


Outside of Queensland, it is not a current requirement for inspectors to be qualified builders. Therefore, we see a lot of companies using tradesman, who are experience in only one trade (e.g. carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc). The difference is that tradesman have experience in one trade, however builders have knowledge across all trades. This is dangerous practice and clients are often unaware of this issue. 


Our building inspectors undergo rigorous onsite training with our most experienced inspectors. They are also required to complete building and pest courses provided by Australian Inspector Training. 


How We Work


Identify the deal breakers….


We have a different approach to most inspection consulting businesses out there. Rather than concentrate our time on minor defects or cosmetic items, we concentrate our time on looking for issues that can be very expensive. We call these ‘deal breakers’ and they can be summarised into three categories: 


– Water 

– Structural 

– Termites


We have identified that these 3 issues generally result in expensive repairs. Once identified, our clients can make an informed decision on whether to renegotiate the sale or walk away from the purchase.


Your report in 3-hours….


Were most companies’ turnaround reports in 24 hours from inspection, we average a 3-hour turnaround. There is a reason for this!


Our clients generally have a very short building and pest clause in their contracts, mostly 7 days. We understand that when a client organises an inspection and then receives their report, this leaves little time to make decisions if a major issue is identified. That is why we will try our best to get your inspection booked in the next day that you call us, and then have your report back to you in 3 hours. This allows our clients a little more time to make an informed and calculated decision regarding a major purchase in their lifetime.


Quality and Value….


Our pricing is generally the best on the market. We provide qualified builders, 3-hour report turnaround, and detailed reports. We are also backed by an industry-leading insurer, CGU. 


If our clients can find a cheaper ‘comparable’ price, we are happy to beat that price.