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What Do Building And Pest Inspectors Report On

What Do Building And Pest Inspectors Report On?

Many people know they should get a building and pest inspection on a property they have under contract or are seriously looking at purchasing. Though a lot of buyers don’t know what the inspector actually looks for and reports on. Let us get you up to speed on what is reported on during your inspection.

The Building Inspection

Your inspector will inspect all accessible areas of your property including the interior and exterior. This assessment involves going up into the roof (if the manhole is accessible) and accessing underneath the house. Throughout the inspection your inspector will note the structural condition of the property, they will also highlight any serious safety hazards, major defects or minor defects they come across.

Common examples of hazards and defects:

Serious Safety Hazards: substandard electrical wiring, damaged or degraded structural supports or trusses.

Major Defects: damaged fittings and fixtures, excessive water damage, excessive mould present.

Minor Defects: small cracks on wall or ceiling, chips in tiles, evidence of rust, unfinished work.

The Pest Inspection

During the pest inspection, your inspector will note any areas of the property that termites are actively present and if there is termite damage present from past activity. They will also look for other pest activity or damage within the property. Your inspector will report if there is a current termite management program in place and will note their recommendations for future termite and pest management. Your inspector will also note areas of the property that could be conducive to termite or pest attack in future.

There are many areas of the property that your inspector assesses and reports on, so it’s important to organise a building and pest inspection prior to the final sale of a property you are purchasing. Only a building and pest inspection will give you a true indication of the condition of the property. To get one of our licensed building and pest inspectors out to your property, give us a call on 1800 000 924 or use our online form to request a booking.

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