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Get a blooming start on the spring property market!

Spring is typically a busy period for the property market, with plenty of buyers and sellers around. Experts expect this Spring to be no different for most property markets. So if you are looking to sell your house before summer, here’s Your Building Inspector’s top 10 tips for getting the best response from buyers:

#1 – CLEAN & SPARKLING: Consider enlisting a professional to help make your home sparkle in its best light. Pay particular attention to buyer hot spots such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

#2 – CUT THE CLUTTER: The simplest way to make your home look bigger and more appealing is to remove the clutter. Clearing surfaces like bench tops, sideboards and bookshelves will offer a more open aesthetic and enhance the natural space your home offers.

#3 – MAINTENANCE CHECK-UP: Perform a quick maintenance review and be sure to invite the relevant tradesman to ensure your home is up to speed. Be sure to keep and eye out for potential water damage and up to date pest inspections too. For piece of mind, touch base with Your Building Inspector and book a pre-purchase building and pest inspection so you know exactly where any issues lie.

#4 – THE POWER OF PAINT: Freshen up any cracked paint including walls, skirting boards, window and door trims. Also be sure to rethink any bold feature walls. Is the colour/texture of the wall on trend?

#5 – SLIP INTO NEUTRAL: Remove items that are too striking or stylised. Your goal is to appeal to the masses.

#6 – AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT: Open the curtains and blinds throughout your home and add strategically placed lamps to any dim spots. Ensure all lights are in working order, remembering to consider whether the room would be best suited to warm or bright white globes.

#7 – CREAT CURB APPEAL: Judgements are made in the first few moments a buyer walks up to the front door. Tidy up the front yard and even consider updating that tired old letterbox!

#8 – ADD FINISHING TOUCHES: Flowers and lightly scented candles help to offer and inviting ambience. Also consider coffee table books that compliment your home’s style and colour themes.

#9 – FOLLOW THE SCENT: Odours can accumulate over time throughout your property such as cooking smells, clogged drains and mould. Regularly clean pet related items such as dog bowls, litter trays and hair!

#10 – FABULOUS FUNCTIONALITY: Every area creates an opportunity to demonstrate versatility. Transform an unused space by a window into a cosy reading retreat or a study space.

By following these simple and affordable tips, the overall effect could lead to a quicker offer from buyers. No matter when you choose to sell your home, it’s important to be willing to adapt to the season and circumstances. Spring provides an abundance of advantages to sellers, helping you appeal to a buyer’s wish to make a fresh start. Good luck!

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