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The building and pest inspection process

Get to know the pre-purchase building & pest inspection process

So you’re ready to organise your building and pest inspecton, you’ve either signed a contract on a property or you’re wanting to make a serious offer at an upcoming auction. Let us explain the simple process that takes place;

Step 1: Find a building & pest inspector

There are a few factors when it comes to choosing a building and pest inspector, the main deal breakers are: experience of the inspector, price, availability and turnaround time on the report.

At Your Building Inspector we strive to deliver an unbeatable service, by offer the following :

  • Our inspectors that are licensed builders, with at least 10 years experience, they are also licensed for building and pest inspecting.
  • The best prices inspection prices in your local area. We constantly check our competition so we know we’re offering you a great deal. If you’ve found a cheaper price, we’re happy to beat it!
  • We will work with you and the agent to find a time as soon as possible, which is often within one to two days!
  • You will receive your report on the same day as the inspection, giving you as much time as possible to go over the report findings.

Step 2: Make a booking

Once you have decided on an inspector, it’s time to book in. The company should work with yourself and the agent to find a time that is suitable for all parties. You are welcome to be present at the inspection, and at Your Building Inspector, the inspector will talk you through your report and any questions you have once they’ve gone through the property.

Step 3: The inspection takes place

The inspector will turn up at the agreed time and the agent will let them in. A typical building and pest inspection will take approximately 90 minutes. If you are present at the inspection, it’s best to wait till the end of the inspection to ask your questions as it gives the inspector a chance to have a look around the entire property.

Step 4: Receive your report

If you decide to use Your Building Inspector for your pre-purchase inspection, you will receive your report on the same day your inspection takes place. Once you have received your report, feel free to call your inspector if you have any questions about their findings and recommendations.

Ready to start the process? Call us today on 1800 000 924 and we will help you find a price and check availablity for your building & pest inspection.

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