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Indoor plants for your home

If you want to liven up your living space, purify the air and bring a bit of the outside in, houseplants are your answer! Bringing some greenery into your home is the best way to make it feel inviting and fresh. Here are some of our favourite indoor plants for your home…

Devil’s Ivy

If you were not blessed with a green thumb, start with Devil’s Ivy. It’s almost impossible to murder! A hanging basket overflowing with these leafy tendrils seems to be an absolute must for trendy cafés all over Queensland, and for good reason – they do well indoors. They are known for being able to grow from small cuttings, but do resist the temptation to swipe a piece while your barista’s head is turned!

As your Devil’s Ivy grows fuller, propagate new plants by cutting off established leaves and leaving the stems in water until they grow new roots. Voila – free plants!


Also known as the Fruit Salad Plant or the Swiss Cheese Plant, this beauty, with its big, lush leaves, certainly makes a statement. Watch out for new leaves, which take a few days to unfurl. While some houseplants are content to grow in a small pot, Monsteras need room to move, so think big when deciding on a pot!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

The most popular houseplant in the world (according to our Instagram feed), is the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Fiddles are temperamental and will sulk if conditions aren’t exactly to their liking. The key to keeping your Fiddle in a good mood is to position it in a well lit spot (but not immediately next to a window where it’s likely to cop the brunt of the Australian sun) and only water occasionally.

Peace Lily

Constantly forgetting to water your plants? Look no further than the Peace Lily, whose leaves will droop noticeably if thirsty, and will perk back up by the end of the day once it’s had something to drink. It is often sought after for its air purifying abilities – great for stuffy spaces and offices.

Mother in Law’s Tongue

This is one in-law that is a breeze to live with, and requires very little sunlight. Just don’t leave it out on frosty nights as this can create permanent damage to its leaves. Tough in appearance and durability, this breed is hard to kill so don’t worry too much about over or under watering.


Have you managed to kill all of the above indoor plants? Then a succulent is your last hope! One of these plants might be the best thing for you. From tiny cacti to larger, thorn-less species, which grow to bush-like proportions, there are an abundance of succulents available to suit any taste or space. Just pot and leave; unlike your children, they thrive on neglect!

Now you know which plants to look out for, here’s where to get them…

Most large Bunnings and IKEA stores around Australia carry the most trendy indoor plant varieties, but for more unusual houseplants and variations in colour and style check out your local independent nursery and plant shop.

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