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At YBI, we prioritise delivering tangible value to our inspectors and fostering their success within the industry. We take a unique approach to franchise fees, ensuring they are structured to provide real benefits to our inspectors. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive suite of resources and systems designed to equip our inspectors with the tools they need to thrive and seize opportunities for success.

Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector

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At Your Building Inspector, we provide the best priced building and pest inspections on the market and around the country without cutting corners on the level of service provided to our clients. We have a team of experienced builders, who are also insured building and timber pest inspectors. Become part of this results-driven team today!

What does this mean for you? Apart from joining a reputable brand, our franchise fees are structured so that we only get paid when you get paid. There are no ongoing administration or leed fees. We work hard to make sure that you are working, this is reinforced by large franchise territories. If you are successful, we will also be successful!

Your Building Inspector
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Why Join the YBI Brand?

That’s easy, apart from joining a reputable brand, our franchise fees are structured so that we only get paid when you get paid. There are no ongoing administration or leed fees. We work hard to make sure that you are working, this is reinforced by large franchise territories. If you are successful, we will also be successful!

Let’s also be honest, running an inspection company isn’t a walk in the park. Being an extremely competitive industry, you need to be seen on Google – which isn’t cheap!  We have done the hard work in developing a highly recognisable brand that has high Google visibility from an organic sense (not paid advertising). In many regions we are on page 1 of google for the top searched keywords in our game – that’s a great accomplishment that you have the benefit of! Secondly, we manage your AdWords campaigns (paid advertising) for you. This will ensure that you pop on in Google searches on page 1 as well as our organic ranking for your region. It sounds complicated and it is, inspectors are builders not marketing experts, that’s where we add value!

Building and Pest Inspections from Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector
We also understand that franchising isn’t as widely accepted in Australia compared to other regions of the world. We attribute this mainly to the retail and hospitality industry that charge high fees. That’s why we offer a great purchase price as well as low on going fees that’s miles ahead of the opposition (we did the research).
Download our Franchise Information Booklet here and if you have any questions call 1800 000 924!

Who is Your Building Inspector?

We are a fast growing building and pest inspection company, taking a new-age approach to the tired inspection industry. Your Building Inspector can honestly guarantee all our clients the best price for professional inspection services on the market! Why would we make this promise? To keep our inspectors on the road and busy!

As a professional company constantly on the lookout for industry trends and changes, we couldn’t help but notice that nearly all inspection companies in Australia were all making the exact same promises: licensed, insured and professional inspectors, 24-hour turnaround on reports and the latest technology. The only difference between each company is the price! However, what we have found is that customers also want the best service and the security of a recognised company. And that’s where we come in!

We want our inspectors to receive real value from our brand. We also want our inspectors to be successful within the industry. That is why we look at franchise fees differently and provide useful resources and systems that will give our inspectors the best opportunity to succeed.

So, What Do Our Inspectors Actually Get?

Your Building Inspector

No Admin or Leed Fees

Your Building Inspector

Manage Your Own Bookings


Easy-to-Use Inspection Software


Website & AdWords Management

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Ongoing Head Office Support


No monthly percentage on turnover charges or administration fees! We don’t even charge leed fees. This is the biggest difference in our model. It needs to be fair, so we only charge you a fee when you make a booking. So at the beginning of the month you will be charged $90+GST for each paid booking for the previous month. Not only is it a great fee structure, you will have received all booking monies for the month prior to paying any fees to YBI. Great for your cash flow!

While we pay for the website optimisation and your Google AdWords campaign management, we ask that you pay a small amount (atleast $50+GST per day) for Google AdWords advertising. This is the actual advertising budget that AdWords uses to market your region.


You will receive leads derived from a specific web page set up for your franchise region. Our website has great domain authority, which means that we drive great customer traffic through the site. Any traffic that is seeking an inspection within your region will be directed to a locations page for your region. Customers can then contact you via a booking and quote from, or by calling a local number that will divert to you directly. You can then book the client in on a day and time that suits you for that specific job location.


We handle your digital marketing. Our team understands the importance of an online presence and being at the top of the search engine charts for your region. That’s why we employ the industry’s best digital marketers to continuously optimise and manage each regions digital marketing activities, including optimising the website in your region and organising ad campaigns to ensure that you have the best chance of being found by potential clients.


An exclusive territory is a fixed geographical region that is your own; made up of suburbs. Any booking requests that come into Your Building Inspector with your region’s suburb will automatically go to you. No questions.

Unlike many other franchised business models, we want our franchisees to be around with us for as long as possible. That’s why we offer the initial 3 year franchise agreement plus 2 x 3 year options. So, if you enjoy the initial journey you can stay with us for many years. Another important consideration, and a point of difference to many of our competitors, is if you decide to sell, the new owners will get the same deal. That is, the initial 3 years plus 2 x 3 year options. This protects your investment and shows our commitment to you and your success!

Building and Pest Inspections - building inspector checking property structures
Building and Pest Inspections from Your Building Inspector

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