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planning to do on your property’s building, rebuilding and remodeling

How to know if it is better to renovate or rebuild your property?

There are times in which renovation costs can be higher than rebuilding, depending on the changes being requested. For example, performing a considerable change on the structural level of a building can end up being more expensive than simply knocking it down and rebuilding it. Getting Brisbane building inspection services to help determine if rebuilding or remodeling is needed can be very helpful to know which option is better.

When it comes to whether to renovate or rebuild we come to a few questions that need to be addressed first:

What changes are you planning to do on your property’s building?

Depending on your plans, some changes can determine if it is better to rebuild or simply to renovate. For example, if you want to do a complete home renovation in 2019 the average cost to remodel a small 1000 feet square home costs and an average of $18,000, while a 3000-4000 square foot building would end up costing an average of $35,000. On the other hand, the building of a new home could end up costing around $120,000 to $200,000 if given a good price.

What are the differences between rebuilding and remodeling?

Remodeling your home can be cheaper in most cases, but the price is not the only determining factor when it comes either to remodel or rebuild. In most general cases rebuilding your property will be the longest lasting and best quality, because you are making the building again from scratch, instead of just remodeling it, which fixes areas of the building but not all. 

Another factor to keep in mind when deciding to rebuild or remodel, is how much time are you planning to stay at that property? For example, a long-lasting solution to rebuild will fix many problems that can arise in due time; in contrast to remodeling, that can fix more outer problems such as paint, cracks and such. Of course, it always depends on how extensive your remodeling will be and how many problems will it fix.

Can my house be remodeled or can it only rebuilt?

Not all properties can be simply remodeled due to many other factors. For example, if the foundation is damaged it can require a lot of work to simply remodel it, or if the ceilings are too low, raising the ceiling is no easy matter and most of the time rebuilding is a better option. The slope and need for retaining walls to work with what you currently have can also play into the equation.

The age of the property is also a determining factor, because if a very old home needs to be remodeled, especially if it was already infested by termites, it could be difficult or much more expensive to remodel rather than to rebuild because you may have to practically rebuild the building from scratch if it was made out of wood.

When considering a home remodel, it’s not just about aesthetic updates or functional improvements; it’s also an opportunity to integrate sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. One such transformative addition is installing solar panels which can help with your homes resale value and often there is great government rebates for them.

Final thoughts: 

It all depends on your budget, needs, and wishes if you will choose whether to rebuild or remodel. Rebuilding can be the longest-lasting, but remodeling can be a good idea if the project in mind does not cause a huge change, or if the property is still in a good overall state. You can also have a building inspection done, to determine any underlying problems with the property. Either way you will likely need a storage company to protect your belongings while the work is carried out.

If you need a pest inspection or other kind of inspection done, you can always work with Your Building Inspector; you can read more about them at

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