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Ways to improve the front of your home

When it comes to your home, the first impression counts and serves as a benchmark for the rest of the house, especially for those who haven’t been inside. Fortunately, there are various simple tricks to help give your front yard a facelift.

Here are three changes you can make to the front of your home to improve street appeal without breaking the bank:

1. Fresh paint

Giving the front of your property or elements of your front yard a fresh coat of paint can completely revamp the perception of your home. Renovators looking for the most striking results often paint their front door, front fence, eaves and beams, and outdoor furniture if they have it.

2. Clean up

Many properties can fall victim to bad first impressions if the front yard is untidy or overgrown. Simply trimming overgrown trees, weeding the garden, cleaning up any toys and replacing any broken pavers and steps can be a great way to boost street appeal and create a safe front entrance to your home.

3. Add furniture

Buying furniture for the front of your house can add character and create a relaxing space to farewell visitors or enjoy your morning coffee. Deciphering which furniture best suits your home often depends on the style of your property and your taste. A small outdoor table and chairs set or an outdoor bench with contemporary throw cushions are typically good options for personalising a front porch.

If you are planning on fixing up the front of your home in order to sell it, don’t forget to book your pre-purchase building and pest inspection prior to signing contracts at your next property. Your Building Inspector will beat any advertised price in your area!

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