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Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

We specialise in building and pest assessments with a 3 hour report turnaround, for residential and commercial properties throughout the Brisbane region.

With over 21 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on our reputation as Australia’s premier pest and building inspection company, offering comprehensive assessments as quickly as possible – at unbeatable prices!

Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector

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Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector


If you are looking for the best priced and most trusted building inspections in Brisbane then you’ve come to the right place! At YBI, we understand that purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life.  We also understand value for money, and that a comprehensive and accurate report is important to you. All of our team are qualified builders with at least 10 year’s experience. Which means that they have knowledge and awareness of all trades and what to look for. We offer a 3 hour report turnaround and we are committed to ensuring the assessment process is hassle-free.

Put your mind at ease because our expert team has over 154 years of combined experience.

We’re passionate about providing comprehensive building reports that are easy to read and give you the ability to make an informed decision when purchasing a property in Brisbane. Once you’ve had a look through our prices and are ready to make a booking, give us a call or use our booking form.

Your Building Inspector


Ben Taylor
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John was exceptionally responsive and completely thorough and professional in his inspection. The quality and response time was exceptional.
Insan Pribadi
Read More
Super responsive and profesional, wasnt expecting the availabiltiy and turnaround of a week. the report generated was super detailed as well. definitely keeping the contact as repeat customer
Juliet Sidwell
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They were able to turn around a property inspection report within 24-hours notice - Fantastic!
Joseph Zhao
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Daniel Crasti has done very professional job for my property inspection. The inspection report is very detailed to cover defects with recommendations. The report also provided in a very efficient time. I will highly recommend YBI and Daniel’s building knowledge and professional service.
Yijun Chen
Read More
Well done, Alan! Alan discovered lots of minor defects that are helpful. Seller agreed to clear the cutter and some other fixable stuffs. Therefore, teh money spent is worth I reckon. Though the report cost over $500 but you gain your value back. I recommend this business to anyone purchasing a new property. Highlight: Super Responsive!!!!! Efficient Communication !!!!! Comeptitive Price!!!! They contact my agent on behalf of me directly in several hours and get my job done and generate report quickly! Efficiency is very important during the purchasing stage.
What Do Building And Pest Inspectors Report On


Structural Assessments

Our focus is on the structural integrity of the property.

Is the property structurally sound and are there any area’s that are poorly constructed, maintained or present serious safety hazards? We will provide details, including photos, of any area’s of concern.

Water Leak/Damage Assessments

Water is a major issue for any building, it can not only cause health issues but it can also affect the structural integrity of the building and can also attract termites! If there are signs of any moisture issues, we will use their moisture meter to take a reading and include it on your report.

Termite Assessments

Having a problem is not only troublesome and annoying, it can also quickly become expensive if damage to the building structure occurs.

Does the property have a current termite management system in place? Has the property had a inspection within the last 12 months? Are there any visible signs of previous or current timber pest activity at the property? Call us today.

Your Building Inspector


We understand that purchasing a property is one of the biggest transactions of your life. We also understand value for money: a comprehensive and accurate inspection report at affordable prices is important to you. That’s why Your Building Inspector is 100% committed to providing a service and price that is unbeatable.

We aims to provide comprehensive inspections with detailed reports at affordable prices, nation-wide. We offer a range of inspection services and use this to quote on your inspection price. Simply find the inspection you need to have undertaken, note your property size and location, and contact us to book your next-day inspection. Our prices include GST.


Selling A Home

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Pre-Buy / Purchase Inspection

Buying A Home

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New Build

Building A Home

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Special Purpose Inspection

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building & pest EVALUATIONS, at The Best Prices

We provide comprehensive assessments across Australia. Our expertise and experience as well as thousands of glowing reviews from satisfied customers make us the #1 company in Brisbane that you can trust. 

We are so confident in our competitive pricing of building inspections, that we offer a price beat guarantee. If you can find a better comparable written quote, we will beat it by 5%!

*Please ensure that your comparable quote is from a licensed  inspector who holds public liability and professional insurances. They must also carry a moisture metre, thermal sensor as well as access equipment to undertake the evaluation, so as to ensure “we’re comparing apples with apples”. 

Your Building Inspector

Lowest Prices

Our business model is based on providing comprehensive reports at the the best possible prices on the market in Brisbane. This does not however mean that we trade the quality of our reports for price. If you do find a cheaper, comparable written quote in Brisbane, we will beat it!

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Prompt Service

The property purchase process is very time sensitive, that’s why we work with your agent to book inspection in as soon as possible (often the next day). We also make sure that you receive your report as quickly as possible (often within 3 hours of the inspection)!

Your Building Inspector

Experienced Staff

Our Brisbane expert building inspectors are qualified and experienced builders, with at least 10 years experience. That means they are trained to identify major issues with your property. Additionally, they are qualified timber pest specialists, so you are in good hands!

Your Building Inspector

Fully Equipped

Our staff carry both a moisture meter and thermal sensor. Should a visible issue need further investigation, our team can take the necessary non-invasive steps to identify major issues for you!

Why We Are The Best In THe business

Our Founder, Christopher Nield stands out as a seasoned expert in field of pest and building inspections, with a vast educational and professional background that underscores his expertise field.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Newcastle University and a series of specialized licenses, including the QBCC Open Builders License and the Queensland Health Pest Management Technicians License, Chris’s credentials are both comprehensive and impressive.

As the Founder of Your Building Inspector, he has demonstrated his leadership and commitment to delivering high-quality pest and building inspections on a national scale.

He brings his advanced knowledge of all things construction, and combines it with the latest advanced technologies to ensure all of our team are at the cutting edge.  As Lead Trainer and Assessor at Australian Inspector Training, further solidifies his reputation as a leading figure in the industry, and this level of experience and expertise is what makes us a cut above the rest.


Case Study No 1: Pre-Purchase Inspection Sunshine Coast

Client: Private
Location: Mountain Creek, Sunshine Coast Qld
Purpose: Buying an existing house
House Description: 10 years old, low set, 5 bed, 2 bath, 2 car
Construction Type: Slab on ground, timber framework, masonry walls, aluminium roof
Service Engaged: Pre-acquisition Building Report
Agreed Price: $1,450,000 (prior to inspection)
Negotiated Price: $1,360,000 (after inspection)
Savings: $90,000
Major Defects:
1. Internal Walls – Moisture evident to main bathroom shower wall at low level. Suspect water is penetrating through the waterproof membrane into the wall cavity.
2. Internal Walls – Moisture evident to ensuite shower wall at low level. Suspect water is penetrating through the waterproof membrane into the wall cavity.
3. Platform Decks – The glue has deteriorated to some area’s around the external tiled surfaces adjacent to and around the pool area. Additionally, the grout throughout has deteriorated including the coping around the pool.
4. Finishing Element Defects – Moisture appears to be leaching throughout the external southern and eastern rendered walls.
5. Rainwater Defects – There appears to be water marks to external eave soffits. Additionally, there appears to be water marks to outside surfaces of gutters. The gutters may not be coping in times of heavy rainfall.
6. Ground Defects – There appears to be a significant drainage problem along the southern side of the house. Evidence of moisture throughout. No surface drainage points and low finished levels throughout. Green algae evident on external concrete surfaces.
7. Ground Defects – The rear yard has settlement/low points evident. Drainage appears inadequate and levels slope towards the house. Expect significant surface water issues in times of extended/heavy rain periods.
Minor Defects:
Wall and ceiling linings – scuffs, dents, scratches and blemishes generally throughout
External walls – hairline cracks evident to rendered finish
Eaves – gaps evident to eave and wall junctions
Eaves – water damage evident
Gutters – appear to be holding water
Downpipes – appears to be a lack of downpipes to cope with roof water
Downpipes – not watertight at connections
Drainage – surface water drainage points appear inadequate
Ceiling linings – hairline cracks evident to cornice and wall joints
Skirting and architraves – hairline cracks evident
Window reveals – hairline cracks evident
Garage – hairline cracks evident throughout concrete floor
Timber windows – finish deteriorated adjacent to pool area
Pool fence – glazing not lining up along gate fence line
Front Deck – timber loose and deteriorated
Front portico – timber scotia cracked at soffit lining and wall
Rear yard – synthetic grass has settled which has opened up joints throughout
Roof space – timber framing is untreated
Side fence – slatted/light weight fence connected to pool glazing is unsafe and poorly fixed
The Net result of this case study inspection saved the client A LOT of money and they knew exactly what they were getting before they closed on the new property.


Our team carry the latest technology in moisture testing equipment on the market.  These devices are used to detect moisture behind a wide range of building materials including paint, wallpaper, plasterboard, ceramic tiles, floor coverings, timber, ceiling tiles, and membranes. If visual evidence of moisture is identified, we will utilise the moisture meter to undertake further non-invasive testing.

Our standard equipment is the  industry leading Tramex Moisture Encouter Plus Moisture Meter, and the Flir E1 or E3 or Termatrac.

The state of the art moisture meter records differential moisture levels within surfaces such as walls and floors without the need to make holes or damage the property.

Our Team member will use this meter if there is visual evidence of moisture damage within the property. The moisture meter also identifies termite risk areas by reading the concentrated presence of moisture within the surfaces of the property.

Our team carry the latest in thermal sensor technology. The thermal sensor helps to identify heat sources generated by timber pests within building surfaces and helps to trace the nest and entry points within the building. Additionally, the thermal sensor will also pick any thermal anomalies within building elements that cannot be seen with the naked eye. If a visual anomaly is identified during the inspection, further non-invasive investigation can be undertaken with the thermal sensor.

Your Building Inspector

Moisture Meter
(Tramex Encouter Plus Meter)

Your Building Inspector

Thermal Sensor
(Flir E1 or E3 or Termatrac)

Licensed Building Inspectors
Delivering Quality Reports

Call us today to make a booking!


We specialise in inspections for residential and commercial properties in Brisbane. 

In most cases, we can organise to inspect the property by the next business day and deliver your report within 3 hours of the pest and building inspection, meaning you have plenty of time to review the report and make an informed decision about the property. 

A pre-sale building and pest inspection is undertaken when you are planning on selling your property. The purpose of this inspection is to identify any areas of concern so that you are aware of, or can address any issues, prior to the property going to the market. That way, you will not be concerned when a contract of sale is agreed to but is subject to a pest and building inspection. All your bases will be covered!

The inspection and report will generally include:

  • The interior of the building.
  • The roof space.
  • The exterior of the building.
  • The sub-floor space.
  • The roof exterior.

Considerations such as building configuration, construction type, obstructions, accessibility and height may affect the areas we can safely inspect. 

Please familiarise yourself with our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions which talks about this further.

Our inspectors are trained to concentrate on major defects or what we call ‘deal breakers’! Generally, if there are issue with any of these items, they can be quite costly to rectify. These can be grouped into three main categories.

  • Structural
  • Water
  • Termites

Additionally, for your piece of mind, our inspectors are qualified and experienced builders, as well as timber pest inspectors. Rather than a trade qualified inspector, our inspectors are qualified builders and are across all trades (not just one).

So, whether you are planning to sell your residential or commercial property, we can certainly help.

A pre-buy building and pest inspection is undertaken when you are purchasing a property and your offer has been accepted. Your offer will most likely be subject to a pest and building inspection, which is generally required to be completed in 7 days.

As time is of the essence, and we can appreciate that this stage of the sale process is quite stressful for you, we aim to have you booked in the following day and the report to you within 3 hours of the inspection taking place. We will also arrange access with the agent to make the process somewhat streamlined!

The inspection will concentrate on identifying any ‘major’ items of concern that could be very costly to rectify. Generally, these items can be grouped into three main categories, being structural, water, and termites. If any of these items are identified, you will then have time to talk to your agent and possible renegotiate the deal or even pull out of the contract (if a major defect is identified). The last thing you want is any costly surprises once you move in and get settled. 

Your inspection and report will generally cover the following areas:

  • The interior of the building.
  • The roof space.
  • The exterior of the building.
  • The sub-floor space.
  • The roof exterior.

Inspection of these areas is dependent on accessibility, height and whether the areas can safely be inspected. There is further information regarding this in our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions which talks about this further.

Our inspectors are qualified and experienced builders and timber pest inspectors. We do not use trade qualified inspectors as they are only trained in single trades. Our inspectors are qualified builders and are experienced across all trades, providing you with peace of mind!

A new build inspection is undertaken when you are taking up a new building project and would like staged inspections to be completed throughout the building and construction process.

As required by law, the builder will usually engage a building surveyor/certifier who will approve the plans and undertake regular inspections to ensure compliance is met with the approved plans, as well as that the works are in accordance with the building code and Australian Standards.

Our inspections do not overlap with the building surveyors/certifiers and purely concentrate on the builder’s workmanship and the quality of materials being used.

We undertake inspections prior to key components of the building being covered up. These comprise of the following stages:

  1. Pre-Pour Inspection (main slab)

This involves checking the formwork, reinforcement, set downs, services penetrations, termite barriers and the like prior to the slab being poured. The objective is to ensure that workmanship is acceptable, and that the configuration is generally as per the approved plans. A report is produced and emailed to you, including photos, of any areas requiring attention.

  1. Frame Inspection (wall and roof framework)

This involves checking that the quality of materials and the workmanship undertaken by the builder and their trades is acceptable.

Additionally, we will check that the layout of the framework the location of in slab services and wet area set downs is generally in accordance with the approved plans. A report is produced and emailed to you, including photos, of any areas requiring attention.

  1. Pre-Sheet Inspection (wall and ceiling linings)

This involves checking on the quality and workmanship in relation to the rough-in  of services (electrical, mechanical, plumbing), insulation is correct and that works are generally in accordance with the approved plans prior to the walls and ceilings being covered up.

After the inspection, a report is produced and emailed to you, including photos, of any areas requiring attention.

  1. Handover Inspection (builders’ completion)

This involves inspection of the completed works. Again, we are looking at the quality of the materials and the workmanship undertaken by the builder and the trades.

This inspection is somewhat longer than previous inspections as we look at all internal areas, the roof space, external facades and the external roof areas and associated drainage.

Once the inspection is complete, a report is produced and emailed to you, including photos, of any areas requiring attention.

  1. Detailed Defects Inspection (builders’ completion)

This inspection is in addition to the ‘handover Inspection’ whereby we highlight any defects or issues using small pieces of ‘blue’ painters’ tape (no glue or residue is left after removal of the tape).

Photos of these areas will be included the handover report.

If you have a new building project, and would like the peace of mind of independent staged inspections by an insured and qualified builder, please do not hesitate to give us a call and book your inspection in.

A special purpose inspection is undertaken when you are concerned with a particular aspect of a property or if you are concerned with work that has been completed by a contractor. These inspections are wide ranging in terms of scope and may include one of the following scenarios (however this list is not conclusive):

  • Checking completed addition or renovation works by a trade contractor
  • Checking completed addition or renovation works by a building contractor
  • External roof inspection
  • Internal roof space inspection
  • Moisture issues to wet areas
  • Internal cracks to walls or ceilings
  • Internal tiles lifting and cracks appearing
  • Internal floors uneven or dropping from skirtings
  • External cracks to masonry walls
  • External cracks to retaining walls
  • Excessive external moisture/water evident
  • External decks and pergolas deteriorated
  • Subfloor timbers, posts and ground conditions


As you can see, a special purpose inspection can cover a very broad range of specific issues with a building. If you have an issue with a particular aspect of your property and it is not on the above list, it will probably be covered one of these types of reports.

Our inspectors are insured, qualified and experienced builders. We can undertake inspections on residential, commercial, industrial, medical, and retail properties.

If you have a specific problem with your property and need some advice, please give us a call, and book a special purpose inspection with our reputable team.

A commercial property inspection is undertaken on behalf of the property owners or managers. The purpose of the inspection is to provide you with a report detailing and maintenance or defect issues that require attention in the short, medium and long term.

We can inspect properties covering a broad spectrum of commercial sectors including:

  • Office
  • Showroom
  • Industrial & Warehousing
  • Medical
  • Specialty Consulting
  • Shopping Centres
  • Retail Tenancies


In terms of scope of services, these reports generally include the following areas:

  • The interior of the building.
  • The roof space.
  • The exterior of the building.
  • The sub-floor space.
  • The roof exterior.


Obviously, considerations such as building configuration, construction type, obstructions, accessibility and height may affect the areas we can safely inspect.  Please familiarise yourself with our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions which talks about this further.

If you would like a thorough inspection of you property so that you can undertake some budgetary planning in regards to repairs and maintenance, please give us a call.


Our building and pest inspection reports are comprehensive and include photographs of problem areas. Rather than minor cosmetic issues, we focus on looking for what we call ‘deal breakers’. These are items that can cause major problems and are expensive to rectify. These generally include structural issues, water ingress and termite damage.

Download our sample pre-purchase building and pest inspection report and our Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions.

Your Building Inspector
Inspection Reports
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Top Rated Building Inspectors in Brisbane.

Your Building Inspector
Your Building Inspector

Your Brisbane
Building Inspectors

Our building inspector’s are not only all experienced builders, they are also fully licensed and insured to undertake your inspection which is a requirement in Queensland.


In Brisbane, pest and building inspectors are required to hold a Builder’s Licence. They then need to acquire a Building Inspector’s Licence, as well as a Termite Management License; if they wish to report on pests (eg, termite inspections). Inspectors in Queensland need to have held their builder’s license for at least 5 years.


It is a requirement for building inspectors to hold public liability insurance, so that in the unlikely event of an incident you will be covered. Additionally, as a requirement of the QBCC, all of our inspectors hold professional indemnity insurance. Put simply, they are completely insured if  anything was to go wrong, which means peace of mind for you!


Each of our local inspectors have at least 5 years building experience, and conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner.  This is helpful when they are inspecting the property on behalf of the buyer at the seller’s address. All of our staff are committed to providing non-bias reports that are thorough and easy to understand. They believe in delivering great customer service and communicating efficiently with clients.

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Building and Pest Inspections from Your Building Inspector