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Save Money with a Building and Pest Inspection

Purchasing a home is an exciting time for anyone. However, when you go to purchase, you’re purchasing for longevity. You want something that you like, and that is going to provide a long-time place to live. The only way to go about knowing that the home is going to last for some time is by having a building and pest inspection in Brisbane. This inspection can teach you a lot more about the home that you might not know from first glance. 

Learn more about this inspection, because a few hundred dollars can go a long way to saving you thousands in the future. 

Building Inspection

The inspector will go through the many areas of the home and look at the foundation and structure of the home. They want to ensure that the house is going to hold up for some time. It should have strong, long-lasting bones. 

The safety features on the appliances, as well as hookups around the home are also something that they look into. You want to sleep at night knowing that nothing is going to blow up because it is not hooked up correctly.

They will recommend replacements, such as the roof or decks, or other areas. Those areas can be looked into and ensure that they are strong, but if they are not, the inspector is able to give you an idea of when they might require replacement. This provides the prospective homeowner with some room to work on the price that is wanted for the home. They can take off the price of the replacements, such as a new roof, that might be needed from the purchase price that they are asking for. 

Pest Inspection

Did someone say bug? 

If you noticed a fly just buzzing around, that is alright. What if there is a more serious issue that is lurking around the home? Those bugs that hide for a while and only come out during certain points might not be seen in the first place but with this pest inspection, they can find those bugs that might be in the depths of darkness. 

Termites are one of the biggest issues and it is important to think about having them find them because this can be an ongoing, recurring issue in the home if they’re not spotted early on by a reputable pest control and termite company. These bugs are one of the most devastating to come across in a home because they eat through wood, including the structure of the home. At the inspector company, we always do our best to find the issues that would cause you headaches years down the line, and to get them resolved before you finish your purchase.

You can set up a time to have an inspector come out and provide the building and pest inspection that you want to have. Always trust in a professional to provide this, as you don’t want to pay someone that doesn’t know what to do or how to do it. Speak with them today and find out what they can do for you and your home. They can provide the help needed while giving you the peace of mind knowing you’re purchasing the right home. Visit for more information.

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