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Thermal Sensor for termites

Termites: you can run, but you can’t Termatrac T3i hide.

Having being used in 22 countries around the globe, the Termatrac T3i is quite literally world-class when it comes to termite detection.

Your Building Inspector stands by this device, and it is used by all inspectors across south east Queensland, including building and pest inspectors on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

The thermal sensing device is designed to detect, locate and confirm the presence of termites using a termite detection radar, remote thermal sensor with laser guide and a moisture sensor.

These enhanced detection capabilities fill a void, especially in drywood termite control, with the Termatrac T3i making it possible to identify infestation level and location without opening up walls — an important step before deciding on a treatment plan.

Additionally, because there is no tapping or prodding involved, the termites are not disturbed and do not retreat, but instead remain active, increasing the accuracy of inspection.

For Your Building Inspector clients, this is really a customer satisfaction tool.

The Termatrac T3i used by Your Building Inspector can show a client termite activity levels without causing any destruction to property, which gives clients confidence in the inspection, and the treatment choice.

While not everyone will witness the swarms descending on their home, they may stumble across other signs, such as what looks like sawdust piling up around the perimeter of the house but, on closer inspection, is really termite excrement.

Our best advice to you is to contact Your Building Inspector if you have any suspicions of termite infestation, and we will send out a qualified Building and Pest Inspector, equipped with a Termatrac T3i to undergo an inspection on your property.

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