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Recognising Termites - Your Building Inspector

The early signs of termites you need to know about!

There is no feeling worse than discovering termites in the home you’re looking to purchase. But not finding out until it’s too late is even worse.

Here at Your Building Inspector, we want to help protect your financial future with a thorough Building Inspection to determine any signs of termite infestation hiding behind the walls.

From experience, we know that termites are sneaky, and often the signs they leave are small and can only be detected with a trained eye.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast or Gold Coast and are seeking a quality building inspection, Your Building Inspectors are the local go-tos.

Our inspectors are trained to detect the early signs of termite infestation, which could save you a lifetime of headaches if left undetected.

However, if you’re in the early stages of purchasing a new home and just “on the lookout”, here are a few tips for recognising a termite problem:

Damaged timber

Does it make a hollow noise when knocked? This is a good indication that termites are in the area, especially if the timber has contact with the ground.

Keep an eye out for cracks or even splits in the wood near window sills, skirting boards, stairs and around the corners of ceilings.

Piles of sawdust near wood work

Some types of termites have tiny exit routes from the wood for their droppings or waste.

Mud tubes

Termites create highways or passageways out of earth to get back and forth between their nest and their food source, these are called mud tubes and are easy to find by a trained professional at Your Building Inspector.

Little scuttles

Believe it or not, but it is possible to hear a soft mulching noise from some species as they slowly carry on chewing the home. They also use a soft tapping noise to communicate with each other by banging their heads on the side of their tunnels.

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