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Watch Out For These Defects

Watch Out For These Common Property Defects

There’s a lot to consider when buying a property. From choosing the right location, to organising finances and conveyancing – you can easily get swept up in the moment and forget to do a thorough check on the property.

As a buyer it’s important that you understand the real condition of the property you are interested in purchasing. To help identify any major defects or structural problems that may be present, a building inspection needs to be conducted by a qualified inspector. Below are some of the most common building defects we find in properties.

Structural defects – these are most often found in older properties due to lack of maintenance or general wear and tear, though they can still occur in modern homes. These include damaged floor joists, foundation walls and rafters.

Roof Damage – damage to your roof can be a result of wear and tear, age or storms. It’s important that the roof area is checked as well as the gutters – most home owners don’t often realise they have a problem until it starts leaking.

Ventilation – as well as costing you a fortune in air conditioning, homes with poor ventilation often have too much moisture in the air which can lead to problems such as wood rot and mould.

Drainage – poor drainage can lead to numerous problems such as water damage, leaks, soil erosion and cracks in slabs.

Amateur Repairs – we often see ‘DIY’ repairs in plumbing and electrical areas of homes that do not follow building codes and are likely to fail or cause damage in the future.

Pest Damage – it’s important to also have your property thoroughly checked by a pest inspector. The inspector will make sure any pest and termite damage is identified, they’ll also point out conditions that may attract future pest and termite infestations.

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