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Your best mate is not the right person to do a building inspection – here is why!

The house seems solid and your best mate who is a builder took a look and said, “looks good, mate”. So why bother with a pre-purchase inspection?

The real issue here is how thorough that pre-purchase inspection is going to be. If your mate is walking through the house with a XXXX Gold in his hand, then you can be assured it’s not going to be a thorough inspection.

Most pre-purchase inspections, especially when performed by a “mate”, come with a whole lot of exclusions; for example, they might not go under the subfloor, into the roof cavity, look at plumbing issues or compliance with planning regulations. And these are where some of the biggest issues lie.

Requesting a qualified building inspector to undergo your pre-purchase inspection is crucial for a number of reasons, and if you have any concerns about their credentials and ‘trustworthiness’, then just ask some questions.

What is your background? Are you trade qualified? Are you insured? How many inspections have you done in the last month, the last 12 months? How many people come back to you (with repeat business) after you inspect their property?

When it comes to a pre purchase inspection you are exposed to the risk of purchasing a property with some serious faults that would cost some money to fix and could present safety or health risks, and no one wants that to happen, mate or no mate.

In Queensland, our building inspectors are knowledgeable on the possible risks that properties pose, such as electrical faults, illegal building, cracking and termites.

We understand that knowing what you are getting and from whom is the key. We never want to see unhappy clients with house problems complaining of gaps in their inspection report.

So let Your Building Inspector be your mate, and let us help you make the right pre-purchase decision before the big contract is signed. We might not bring the XXXX Gold, but we will bring all the right equipment and a qualified inspector to get the job done right.

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