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Why are annual property inspections so important?

Performing maintenance to your home or business is a regular investment that occurs every time it is needed. But there are times when areas in need of maintenance are overlooked or hard to pass-by, which can lead to further deterioration on different areas of your property. An annual inspection done to your property has a building inspector check every nook and cranny of your home or business to be sure everything is all right or put on a maintenance checklist if needed.

Doing annual building inspections in Brisbane can benefit both a landlord and tenant, as the landlord can be sure their property is under proper care, and the tenant can confirm the property they live or work at has no problems such as leakages, pest infections, moss growing and any other possible problem that may have been overlooked.

By inspecting your home you can be sure of the following:

-Arising problems get addressed beforehand.

-It gives you enough time to negotiate a proper price for a repair.

-It provides you with a specialist who can advise you about the possible future arising issues on your home or business property.

Termite & pest inspection:

Different types of inspections can be performed on a property such as a termite and pest inspection, which checks for any possible pest activity or damage. When you are getting a new property in Australia you need to be sure you are not moving to a pest-infested property, instead, you can check via pest and termite inspections if there is any current pest problem and get it handled before even moving in.

Electrical & plumbing inspection:

There are other types of inspections aside from termite and pest, such as electrical and plumbing inspections, which check at your pre-installed electrical systems to verify they are working according to electrical codes and standards. EElectrical and plumbing inspections check the wiring of your property, security systems, sound-related devices, plumbing around the house or business, and even all the lights around the property, to be sure they are all working as they should. Hydrostatic tests can be perfomed annually to identify potentia issues such as pinhole water leaks in supply lines known as slab leaks.

Fire Inspections:

Looking for a way to prevent a property fire is extremely important because a property burning down is something you never want to experience, especially if you can avoid it. A fire inspector can check and ensure your home or business complies with all fire codes and standards, to make sure your property is away from any fire hazard.

Final words:

Performing an inspection on your home or property, it is a must to keep it under good care because there are times we can overlook arising problems or even hazards that could affect either our well-being or our property’s. 

If you need pest-related inspections or any other kind of inspection you can always reach Your Building Inspector, expert professionals having each of their licensed inspectors more than 5 years of experience in the field. You can read more about the many services they offer, and further about pest inspection by visiting their website at

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