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Body Corporate Building Inspections

Your Building Inspector makes life easy for body corporate managers by undertaking detailed regular inspections of all common property areas on buildings with multiple strata title owners.

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Body Corporate Building Inspections

When it comes to body corporate building inspections, there’s no one better than Your Building Inspector. Our inspectors are licensed, experienced and qualified builders who understand the importance of these inspections for all key stakeholders. We have the necessary licenses and insurance in place and will ensure that the report we deliver identifies any issues that the property may have now and in the future. With industry-low pricing and same-day reports, you can entrust us to provide all the information you need.

If you’re looking for comprehensive body corporate inspection services, then look no further than Your Building Inspector!

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Your Building Inspector is the go-to property and building inspection specialist throughout Australia. Our services are trusted by customers around the country!

Comprehensive Body Corporate Inspections

What is a Body Corporate Inspection?

A body corporate inspection report is generally commissioned by the body corporate managers on behalf of properties with multiple individual strata title owners. Where a property has multiple strata title lots, the individual owners are primarily responsible for what’s inside their ‘four walls’, however, the maintenance of the surrounding building and associated areas is also crucial. 

This is where a body corporate inspection comes in, with the experienced inspectors at Your Building Inspector conducting comprehensive visual inspections of all common property areas. Regular body corporate building inspections are essential for any property with multiple strata title owners. These inspections help to ensure that the property is well-maintained and that any potential problems are identified and rectified before they cause significant damage.

Additionally, body corporate inspections can help to minimise the risk of legal action being taken against the body corporate or individual owners. By commissioning regular inspections and taking proactive steps to address any issues that are identified, you can help to protect your property investment and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Considerations such as building configuration, construction type, obstructions, accessibility, and height may affect the areas we can safely inspect. Read through our Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions which talks about this further.

Specialists in Body Corporate Building Inspections

Our Body Corporate Inspection Services

A typical Body Corporate Inspection Report from Your Building Inspector would include the following:

  • Building facades
  • Roof Areas
  • Walkways
  • Lifts and stairs
  • Carparking
  • Driveways and paths
  • Walls, fencing and gates
  • Landscaping

An annual inspection of the above areas can help body corporate managers to budget and schedule maintenance and repairs and communicate this with property owners. These inspections help to protect the investment made in the property by strata title property owners. Common items that the building inspections often identify are:

  • Corrosion to roofing & associated roof plumbing
  • Corrosion to windows frames
  • Corrosion to handrails and balustrades
  • Corrosion to external services
  • Cracks to building facades
  • Cracks to masonry retaining and planter walls
  • Cracks to external concrete floors
  • Deteriorated external waterproof membranes
  • Deteriorated tiled areas
  • Deteriorated external paintwork

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Tailored Body Corporate
Building Inspection Services

At Your Building Inspector, we understand the importance of body corporate building inspections and aim to equip you with the information and insight you need to maintain your building structure. Our inspectors are licensed, experienced and qualified builders who have extensive knowledge of the Australian building code. Additionally, we have public liability in place and will ensure that the report we deliver identifies any issues that the property may have now and in the future.

Regular inspections together with a scheduled preventative maintenance plan can ensure that there are no nasty surprises down the track that a sinking fund will not be able to cover immediately or depletes the fund, requiring owners to tip in.

Our inspectors are licensed, experienced and qualified builders. Additionally, we have public liability in place and will ensure that the report we deliver, identifies any issues that the property may have now and in the future. Please give us a call to discuss getting a body corporate inspection undertaken.

Your Building Inspector

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We’ve got the cheapest prices on the market, however we don’t trade quality for price. If you do find a cheaper, comparable written quote, we’ll beat it by 5%!

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3 Hour Report Turnaround

A property purchase is time sensitive, thats why we try to fit you in the next day you call to book. Additionally, our inspectors aim to turn your report’s around within 3 hours of completing the inspection.

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Experienced Inspectors

Our inspectors are qualified builders. Don’t get caught out by using an inspector that’s a tradesman or completely unqualified, they are not builders.

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Advanced Thermal Technology

If we find an area that doesn't look quite right, our inspectors have thermal and moisture devices to investigate further.

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