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Property Maintenance Tips For Gold Coast Home Owners

As professional building inspectors, we are constantly reminded of the importance of keeping up to date with basic property maintenance. A small amount of basic maintenance now can save on major repairs (and money) down the track.

Most major defects fall into 1 of 3 categories: MOISTURE, MOVEMENT, TERMITES/TIMBER PEST.

This blog focuses on MOISTURE. The team at Your Building Inspector have put together 5 hot tips to get you started on maintaining moisture around your home:

  1. Make sure your gutters are free of debris

Gutters should be free of all debris to prevent blockages and water pooling. Blocked gutters can lead to flooding of the eaves and external walls as well as rust and decay of associated building structures. It’s a good idea to get on top of these basic maintenance items by engaging a handyman once or twice a year.

  1. Ensure all sealant is in good condition

A flexible sealant is used in wet areas around the home, like your shower alcove, basin, bath and sink. A flexible sealant allows for expected expansion and contraction between different materials whilst maintaining a water tight seal. It is therefore imperative that the seal is replaced when it starts showing signs of wear. This can generally be completed by a good handyman.

  1. Check under sinks and basins for potential leaks

This is an all too common defect in many homes that can go unnoticed just long enough for it to cause secondary defects like rust, water damage to cupboards and even lift floor tiles. So it’s a good idea to check the pipes under the cupboards on a regular basis to make sure you address these issues before they cause any damage.

  1. Check roof tiles for potential leaks

The team at Your Building Inspector certainly don’t advise you to get onto your roof to inspect your tiles / roof sheets. Either engage a professional to do this for you or look for obvious signs inside the roof void. Look for discolouration of the roof timbers or water marks on the ceiling sheets, you can even see marks left by water droplets in the dust which congregates on top of the insulation.

  1. Check down pipe connections

Check down pipe connections around your home so that when it rains the water goes down the pipes where it should go, rather than along your house foundations where it shouldn’t.

If you haven’t had an inspection in the last couple of years, it’s worth having your property inspected by a professional, for your peace of mind and to maintain the value of your home. Click here to book an inspection with a friendly Gold Coast inspector today!

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