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Should You Get a Building Inspection Before Making an Offer? A Comprehensive Guide

Purchasing a property is a significant investment, one that involves a substantial financial commitment. For many Australians, buying a property is the single largest financial decision they’ll ever make. Packed with emotions and excitement, the process can sometimes overshadow crucial steps that safeguard your investment. One such step is securing a pre-purchase building and pest inspection 

As a prospective buyer, it is essential to make informed decisions to protect your investment. One crucial step in the buying process is conducting a building and pest inspection before making an offer. This blog explores the pros and cons of obtaining a building inspection before finalising your property purchase, making sure that your building inspector has the correct qualifications and helping you understand the importance of this process. 


What Is a Building and Pest Inspection? 

A building and pest inspection is a comprehensive assessment carried out by a qualified building inspector. This inspection evaluates the condition of the property, identifying any structural issues, major defects, or timber pest infestations that could impact the value or safety of the property. Typically, this inspection is conducted as part of a pre-purchase building inspection, providing potential buyers with a detailed report on the property’s condition. 


Pros of Getting a Building Inspection Before Making an Offer 

1. Identify Structural Issues 

One of the primary advantages of a building inspection is the ability to identify structural issues that may not be visible during a casual viewing. Structural problems, such as foundation cracks, water damage, or roof issues, can be costly to repair. A thorough inspection ensures that you are aware of these issues before committing to a purchase. 

2. Detect Timber Pest Infestations 

Pest infestations, particularly timber pests (e.g. termites), can cause significant structural damage to a property. A building and pest inspection can identify the presence of termites and the extent of any damage they have caused. Knowing about pest issues beforehand allows you to negotiate repairs or reconsider your offer. 

3. Informed Negotiation 

Armed with the information from a building inspection report, you are in a stronger position to negotiate a better purchase price. If the inspection reveals major defects or significant issues, you can request rectifications or a price reduction to cover the cost of necessary fixes. This can potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars. 

4. Budget for Repairs 

Understanding the condition of the property allows you to budget for any necessary repairs or renovations. A building inspection report provides a clear picture of the property’s current state, enabling you to plan financially for immediate repairs and future maintenance issues. 

5. Peace of Mind 

Knowing that the property has been thoroughly inspected by a professional building inspector gives you peace of mind. It assures you that there are no hidden issues that could cause problems down the line. This confidence can make the purchasing process less stressful and more straightforward. 

6. Avoid Costly Surprises 

Without a building inspection, you risk encountering unexpected issues after the purchase. These surprises can be financially draining and emotionally taxing. A pre-purchase building inspection minimises the likelihood of such unpleasant surprises. 

7. Compliance with Regulations 

Most standard Contracts of Sale throughout Australia requires that a qualified and licensed building must undertake the building inspection. However, it is not a requirement of the building authorities throughout Australia (apart form in Queensland). Unfortunately, this gives rise to unqualified inspectors undertaking inspections.

It is important that the inspector who is undertaking the actual inspection of the property is a qualified and licensed builder (not tradesperson or other type of professional). The advantage of this is that a licensed builder has a thorough understanding of all trades and services and any necessary regulations that may be required to be updated. They can also highlight any dangerous hazards requiring immediate attention, such as heights of upper-level balcony handrails and electrical issues. 


Cons of Getting a Building Inspection Before Making an Offer 

1. Upfront Costs 

One of the main drawbacks of a building inspection is the upfront cost. Hiring a qualified building inspector can be expensive, and you may need to pay for multiple inspections if you are considering several properties. However, this cost is often justified by the potential savings from identifying significant issues early on. While you may want to find the cheapest priced inspection services, it is more important to find a qualified and experienced inspector to mitigate any risk in purchasing a property. Saving $50-100 on the cost of the inspection may not be worth the risk of missing significant issues, which could cost tens of thousands of dollars. 

2. Potential Delays 

Conducting a building inspection can delay the buying process. Arranging the inspection, waiting for the report, and negotiating based on the findings can extend the timeline of your purchase. In a competitive market, this delay could result in losing the property to another buyer. Most inspection companies are aware of this issue and provide reports within 24 hours of the inspection. 

3. Negative Impact on Seller Relations 

Requesting a building inspection and negotiating repairs or price reductions can sometimes create tension with the seller. The seller may feel that the inspection report is being used to unfairly reduce the price or demand unnecessary repairs. Having a qualified and licensed building inspector from a reputable company can often help to overcome this tension. 

4. Risk of Overlooking Minor Issues 

While a building inspection is thorough, it may not identify every minor issue with the property. Some defects may be too small to be noted in the report but could still require attention after the purchase. Additionally, the Australian Standard (AS4349.1) requires minor defects to be identified in general terms only.  


Conclusion: Balancing the Pros and Cons 

When deciding whether to get a building inspection before making an offer, it is essential to weigh the pros and cons. The benefits of identifying structural issues, detecting timber pest infestations, informed negotiation, budgeting for repairs, and gaining peace of mind often outweigh the drawbacks of upfront costs, potential delays, negative impact on seller relations, and the risk of overlooking minor issues. 

A pre-purchase building inspection is a valuable tool that can save you money, time, and stress in the long run. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition, allowing you to make an informed decision and negotiate effectively. 


The Role of a Building Inspector 

A qualified building inspector plays a crucial role in the inspection process. They have the expertise to identify issues that may not be apparent to the untrained eye. When choosing a building inspector, ensure they are licensed as a buildering contractor or practitioner, experienced, and have a solid reputation. Look for inspectors who provide detailed reports, including photographs and descriptions of any issues found. 


How to Proceed with a Building Inspection 

  1. Select a Qualified Inspector: Research and choose a reputable company who use licensed builders to undertake the inspection as required by the Contract of Sale. 
  1. Schedule the Inspection: Arrange for the inspection to be carried out as soon as possible to avoid delays in the buying process. Some companies offer next day inspections and 3-hour report turnaround. 
  1. Review the Report: Carefully review the inspection report, noting any significant issues or areas of concern. 
  1. Negotiate Based on Findings: Use the information from the report to negotiate repairs or a price reduction with the seller. 
  1. Make an Informed Decision: Consider the findings of the inspection and decide whether to proceed with the purchase, request repairs, or reconsider your offer. 

Building Inspection Services

Reducing the Cons with Your Building Inspector 

Your Building Inspector addresses the above-mentioned potential drawbacks as we only use licensed builders and timber pest inspectors to undertake inspections.  Additionally, YBI offers competitive pricing and a price beat guarantee, ensuring you get the best value for your money. We offer next-day inspections and a 3-hour report turnaround, minimising delays in the buying process and allowing time for further price negotiations.

This rapid service allows you to make timely decisions and maintain a competitive edge in the property market. Additionally, our team of local and trustworthy building inspectors provides reliable and thorough building inspections, fostering positive relations with sellers and giving you peace of mind about the integrity of the inspection process. 



In conclusion, a building and pest inspection is a vital step in the property buying process. While there are some potential drawbacks, the benefits of obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the property’s condition far outweigh the cons. By investing in a pre-purchase building inspection, you can protect your investment, avoid costly surprises, and ensure that your new home is safe and structurally sound. 

For more information on building inspections, pre-purchase building inspections, and the role of a building inspector, visit Your Building Inspector. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Protect your investment and ensure peace of mind with a comprehensive building and pest inspection from Your Building Inspector. Book your inspection today and take advantage of our competitive pricing, next-day service, and fast report turnaround. Visit Your Building Inspector or call us now to schedule your inspection. 

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