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The House That Won’t Pass An Inspection

Special Report: The House That Won’t Pass An Inspection

We always say, “Looks can be deceiving”.

Because, well, it’s true.

A home can look like a million-dollar property on the outside, with a touch of paint and some lovely designer furniture. But what happens if you lift the rug under the beautiful coffee table and find the floorboards are rotting? It wouldn’t be a nice feeling, that’s for sure.

Our expert building inspectors in South East Queensland divulge the three most common home-buying deal breakers and why you should entrust a building inspector with Your Building Inspector before you sign any property contract.

 The Roof

It’s true that a well-maintained roof can last 30 years, but if it hasn’t been installed properly in the first place then there could be some major faults at play.

With any roof – no matter what type – if you’ve got roof leaks, then you’ve got a problem. Leaks can occur for a number of reasons. Built-up roofs might experience leaks due to flashing details that weren’t fastened properly during installation. Your Building Inspector will be able to give you a thorough review of the roof and its integrity before you make your final decision.

The Deck

Is your deck all way to your door? Well, sorry to say but rot could be wrecking your house.

Decks that are built right up to the bottom of a door often mean trouble, because rainwater splashes off the deck up onto the door. That much water is hard to keep out. Even if the flashing holds up, water may eventually find its way through the door components. This can ruin the sliding door and interior flooring, or worse, destroy the rim joist and other framing components both inside and outside your home.

The Plumbing

Plumbing systems are the guts of a house, and problems may not be immediately evident — although water stains, sagging floors and mildew could point to evidence of leaks. Your Building Inspector will be able to review all the systems of the house, as well as checking the interior and exterior integrity for any leaks. Defects in these areas can be a major deal breakers for home buyers as they could cost thousands of dollars to fix.

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