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What pests can endanger your property’s timber?

Pests can cause different kinds of damage to your timber. For example, due to a damp environment, condensation can happen which can sag your timber and even cause it to rot away. On the other hand, termites are well-known pests that attack on timber and other woods to feed. Brisbane pest inspectors have fought against these problems already for many years and know very well what the best techniques and methods are to tackle the issue.

Problems such as timber pests can usually be avoided by taking a couple of measures such as keeping a good temperature at home as well as ventilating it more often. The following are just a few causes of what can endanger your home or business’ timber.

Water condensation:

Water can easily be the first culprit of damage to your timber due to its process of condensation and evaporation. In due time this can cause rust and corrosion on nails and cause your timber to sag and eventually rot.

Keeping a good and warm temperature around your home as well as ventilating it should suffice to keep the trouble of water condensation away. Remember, high levels of moisture can be bad not only to your timber but also to your health as they may cause mold to grow, which can cause respiratory problems.

Termite pests:

Termites are another cause that endangers your timber. They can rapidly grow in a damp environment as they are naturally attracted to moisture, due to the compounds brought by bacteria that live in high moisture environments.

Pests such as termites can access through openings in your home’s foundation, its walls, its roof and any other cracks as they search for food. Be sure to periodically inspect for openings to be sure you won’t have any unwanted pests coming in.

To get rid of a termite infestation, first, you need to track where the infestation is. They can lodge in the wood where you may find a few random hollows and cavities, bulges on your walls or roof as well as sagging. They also can be below your property due to the many tunnels they make.  

You can try to remove the termites yourself, but they may not all go away as methods such as cardboard traps or sunlight exposure may not completely solve the problem. Professional pest control companies use boric acid to take away the termite problem, which is a very effective and well-known method to use when getting rid of them.

In conclusion:

Termites and water condensation can cause permanent damage to your timber if left untreated. Water condensation damages wood and many other surfaces over time, as well as causing mold to grow. On the other hand, it also attracts termites which can make the problem even worse.

If you require professional help to get rid of these problems you can work with Your Building Inspector Brisbane,  an excellent and professional company employed only with licensed inspectors with at least 5 years of experience. You can read more about them at their website

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